Heartbreak and Kavanaugh Type Men

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It’s all just too much.

The triggers are real, no matter how immune one thinks they may be, no matter the years of therapy, no matter the air of immunity (aka aloofness) one may adopt, they are real.

If you have offended, ever, apologize – I mean, EVER, in any way. If you apologized at one time, apologize again, just in case. Know that she is struggling right now.

One good way you can make amends is to vote for Democrats in November, more importantly, vote for women. If you think I am using what happened to me for political purposes, I really don’t care, at this point in time, it is just too important. #METOO #ididntreport

In the many years prior I had done all the work, I thought. I thought I was “healed,” I thought I could rise above anything. Then 2015-17 happened, then cyber targeting happened, then users happened, then abusive people happened. (you thought I was going to say “Then Trump happened”) unfortunately, he did.

I am much stronger these days, I tolerate far less, and like many women, I am filled with rage. I suggest you get on board, or get out of the way, and by all means, watch us ROAR!


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